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Pharma Partnersīs consulting and execution services include:
Regulatory Support
help companies resolve regulatory problems, outline regulatory strategies that lead to early product approvals and launches, ensure fast product registration and swift market entry
Market Access
ensure that all patients / consumers who are in need of our clientīs medicines can early get them thanks to decreased time-to-market while preserving profitability targets of our clients
communicate effectively a compelling (differentiating) Value proposition for each of the involved Stakeholders
build constructive relationships with Health Authorities and Payers in order to achieve value-based Pricing & Reimbursement
Marketing / Promotion
perform in-depth analysis of market conditions and current trends that identifies Market potential and growth Opportunities
provide strategic recommendations and commercial assessments of those Business opportunities by developing scenarios for Resource Allocation, Forecasting, Promotional activities, Marketing planning and Execution
identify Critical Success Factors in order to develop competitive Strategic and Tactical Plans that drive market
support the entire Brand planning process throughout Product Positioning, Lifecycle planning, Pricing & Reimbursement, Customer Segmentation and Targeting, Value proposition and Messaging, Strategic resource allocation, Revenue / Financial contribution, Tactical planning and measuring Market Performance
manage Direct Mail & Professional Advertising
establish competitive and effective customer-focused Field Force in order to maximize market penetration and accelerate Market share gain
Supply Chain Management
provide the necessary industry contacts to reach all Distribution / Customer Channels needed to fulfill the client's sales goals
establish strong business relationships with key Wholesalers who can influence market share
differentiate our partners from the competition through creative, incentive-based performance agreements with Distribution / Customer channels
Contract Sales Services
provide Dedicated and/or Shared Sales teams with variable deployment options according to client's unique specifications including representative profile, training program, management direction and incentive plans
recommend optimal Sales Force Size & Structure following Capacity and ROI models in order to maximize Reach and Call Frequency against key target groups and gain competitive Share of Voice
utilize all Sales Force Effectiveness measures and Performance metrics for boosting Sales & Productivity
use compelling Performance Management System containing Quota Setting & Incentive schemes that drive Sales Force Performance and Market Share growth
lead / organize customized high-impact Training & Development Programs including individual coaching of Sales representatives and Sales management personnel
recruit Talent
apply continual updates and development of customerīs database (physicians, KOLīs, pharmacies)
Recruitment of Talent
"Executive search" and "Headhunting" of market talents and best fit candidates from Pharma Sales Representatives to Senior Specialists and Directors
Public and Media Relations
position clientīs Corporate Image and/or Brand perception within the marketplace via relevant Media in order to increase awareness and credibility
recruit professional Speakers and Advisors for delivering pre-determined messages to the respective Target audience
plan and coordinate Special Events
Management of Special Projects
consult and assist the Leadership personnel of the clientīs company to manage specific projects requiring diversified management experience
provide customized solution to each contracted "Pharma" Project and recommend the client on the appropriate decisions
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